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Banded Crickets

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Banded Crickets of the species (Gryllodes Sigillatus ) are also known of Tropical House Crickets. They are a smaller species of cricket than the traditional House crickets, Black Crickets or Silent crickets.

Here are some advantages to using them as a feeder for your pets, 

They are a very active cricket! they are small and fast moving, very jumpy! they make ideal prey for smaller lizards and fast moving species such smaller geckos, tree frogs, anything that needs visual stimulation to get a feeding response. Your average adult Bearded Dragon may decide that the effort is not worth the reward but well dusted 2nd or 3rd banded crickets can be great for enticing baby dragons to feed. 

The banded crickets tend to live longer than the other cricket species, can be a bit more forgiving of higher temperatures and humidity that would otherwise kill regular crickets and are generally quieter. They do have a chirrup but it isn't as intense as a black crickets song. 

They are a smaller species than the other crickets but they are also more digestible, they are softer bodied and don't have wings which again makes them a far more suitable choice for smaller amphibians and lizards. 

Care Instructions: Keep in a moderately cool area (15 - 18.c) and out of direct sunlight, feed with appropriate dry gut loading food and offer fresh carrot or potato for moisture.