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Bearded Dragon Food Pack - juvenile (2 to 6 months) - Treat Pack

Bearded Dragon Food Pack - juvenile (2 to 6 months) - Treat Pack


This pack Contains:

  • 1 x Tub of Waxworms
  • 1 x tub of medium Banded House crickets
  • 1 x tub of mini mealworms
  • 1 x Arcadia Insect Fuel

This pack is intended to be a treat pack for your Juvenile  (6 months to a Year old) Bearded Dragon, it contains 3 different types of livefood and a pouch of Arcadia Insect Fuel. 

The idea behind this pack is to provide some variety to your pet bearded dragons diet, we would advise using the waxworms first as they will soon pupate into moths! They are proportionally high in fats compared to other feeder insects so we consider these as a treat feed, great for getting your dragon to hand feed, use a few of these every few days to keep your dragon happy but not addicted! a tub will last around 1 -2 weeks if you can store them somewhere cool (not the fridge)

The Mini Mealworms can be stored in the salad drawer of your fridge and will stay dormant for months like this, take a few out and leave at room temperature and after 30 minutes they will be wriggling around, use as a salad topper to get fussy dragons to explore their salads, mealworms do have an outer skin of chitin that can be hard to digest if eaten in large quantities so we would advise using them a "pinch" at a time as an addition to salad feeds. 

Banded house crickets are soft bodied and FAST!! put a few in with your dragon at a time and watch him go crazy chasing them everywhere, if hes lucky he will be rewarded with a cricket treat. Once your dragon gets past the juvenile stage these banded crickets will be too small and fast for him to bother with but when juvenile they are the sort of fast moving insect needed to stimulate his minds desire to chase down prey!

This pack should provide treats for your dragon for around a month, use the waxworms first and keep the mealworms in the fridge and feed off as required. We wouldn't advise feeding the contents of this pack to your dragon more often than monthly as obesity can be a problem for pet reptiles. If your Dragon has low activity levels consider using the treat pack less often for example bi-monthly or as required. 

As well as feeding live insects you should be feeding fresh greens, you can either feed live insects alongside veg or alternate between veg and live feeds. For Insects you should be feeding regularly to your dragon see our "staple" diet packs. 

To maintain the life of your staple feeder insects feed with Arcadia Insect Fuel and Prior to feeding supplement with Arcadia Earth Pro Supplements. We have Included a Pouch in this pack as it is something you will get through all the time so we thought it made sense to include in a monthly pack. 

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