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Bearded Dragon Food Pack - Juvenile (2-6 months) - Staple Diet

Bearded Dragon Food Pack - Juvenile (2-6 months) - Staple Diet


This pack Contains:

  • 2 x Medium Locust Tubs
  • 1 x Medium House Crickets
  • 1 x Calci Worms

This pack is intended to be a staple diet pack for a juvenile bearded dragon, typically aged between 2 and 6 months, to be fed alongside fresh Greens, salads, Vegetable Matter and supplemented with vitamins and calcium accordingly. Depending on your dragons appetite and activity levels this pack is intended to be enough live insect portion of his diet to last between 1 and 2 weeks, we wouldn't recommend feeding more than this amount in any single week. Obesity can be a real problem for well cared for pet reptiles. 

Try to vary what you offer to your pet Bearded Dragon to keep his interest levels up in his diet, in this pack we would advise alternating between the crickets and locusts each time you feed your dragon with live insects and offer some calci worms daily. 

As well as feeding live insects you should be feeding fresh greens, you can either feed live insects alongside veg and salads or alternate between veg/salads and live feeds.

To maintain the life of your insects feed with Arcadia Insect Fuel and Prior to feeding supplement with Arcadia Earth Pro Supplements. 

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