Are you tired of constantly visiting the Pet Supermarket, hoping to find fresh crickets, mealworms, and other reptile live foods? Are you frustrated by the limited shelf life of live foods and the hassle of missed or delayed deliveries when you order online?

We understand your dilemma, having been in the Live foods Industry for the past 15 years. We operated a specialist reptile shop, and the problems of missed or delayed deliveries into the store by couriers used to cause immense frustration and have an effect on the quality of the live insects we were putting on the shelf.

That's why we have teamed up with the UK’s leading insect breeder to bring you Letterbox Livefoods - the freshest live insects directly to your doorstep. Our special design of ventilated plastic tubs, with some food to eat and substrate to hold onto, is packed into a cardboard mailer that will fit through most standard letterbox sizes.

With Letterbox Livefoods, you no longer have to worry about missed deliveries or rummaging through half-dead piles of livefood tubs. Our livefoods are delivered directly to your door, with a 95% success rate of arriving the next day in optimal condition.

We guarantee that our livefoods will arrive alive, but if they do not, simply reply to one of our emails with a photo, and we will rectify the issue straight away. We also have advice on how to deal with livefoods that may arrive in a torpid state due to cold weather.

Order online today and experience the convenience of fresh livefoods delivered straight through your door in our letterbox pack.