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How do you currently purchase your live reptile foods such as crickets, locusts mealworms etc?

You probably visit the Pet Supermarket once a week hoping to get there on “Bug Day”, the day that all the fresh insects are delivered. If you are lucky you get there quick enough to get some fresh tubs of insects, if not you are left rummaging through the half dead pile of livefood tubs trying to collate enough to feed your pet lizard. Sound familiar?

Having been in the Live foods Industry for the past 15 years, we know all about this dilemma, at the same time we operated a specialist reptile shop and the problems of missed or delayed deliveries into the store by couriers used to cause immense frustration and have an effect on the quality of the live insects we were putting on the shelf. Most shops will only have one delivery of live insects a week, the shelf life of reptile live foods is typically 5 to 7 days, so to get the freshest insects with maximum shelf life you need to visit the shop weekly, preferably on the day of delivery, if you are unable to do that due to work / life commitments you are limited to the same old problem.. dead Live foods, Not the right type of insect, not the right size. 

It is important to feed your reptiles with the freshest live insects possible because if the bugs have been sitting on a shelf for too long their nutritional value will be depleting, moisture levels will be going down and they will usually have started to eat each other!. 

You can order online, but again, how do you know those live foods are being packed fresh on the day of dispatch? Are the insects  just being pulled off of the shelf having been delivered to the shop days before? What happens if you miss your postman? Will they return the parcel to the sorting office meaning you have to go out of your way to collect the parcel or arrange a redelivery?

Letterbox Livefoods has teamed up with the UK’s leading insect breeder so we can get the insects to you as fresh as possible and directly through your letterbox.

Frequently Asked Questions..

Wont the Insects die in the post? - No, the insects are packed securely in ventilated plastic tubs with some food to eat and cardboard or substrate to hold onto, our special design of livefood tubs are then packed into a cardboard mailer that will fit through most standard letter box sizes. 95% of our insects are delivered the next day in tip top condition, it can take up to four working days for them to arrive however and they will still arrive in optimal condition.

Its been over four working days and they haven't arrived? - The four working days starts from the day we dispatch your order and we send you an email to confirm they are on the way. If after four working days they haven't arrived it probably means there has been a problem in the postal system, all you need to do is reply to the email we sent you and let us know there is a problem and we will get it rectified asap.

What happens if my livefoods arrive dead? - We guarantee they will arrive alive, if they do not then just get in touch with us by replying to one of our emails and we will rectify the issue straight away, we may ask you to send us a photo of the insects so we can investigate the problem fully. If the weather is cold then the insects may arrive in a torpid state i.e they look dead but we have advice on how to deal with that here - Cold weather deliveries 

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