How do you currently purchase your live reptile foods such as crickets, locusts mealworms etc?

You probably have to go to your local pet supermarket and rummage through the tubs of livefood looking for ones that are actually alive? or if you are lucky you will live near a specialist reptile shop that has fresh bugs delivered weekly. But even that can be problematic, most shops will only have one delivery of live insects a week, the shelf life of reptile livefoods is typically 5 to 7 days, so to get the freshest insects with maximum shelf life you need to visit the shop weekly, preferably on the day of delivery, if you are unable to do that due to work / life commitments you are limited to the same old problem.. dead Livefoods, Not the right type of insect, not the right size. 

You can order online, but again, how do you know those livefoods are being packed fresh on the day of despatch? are they just being pulled off of the shelf having been delivered to the shop days before? what happens if you miss your postman? will they return the parcel to the sorting office meaning you have to go out of your way to collect the parcel or arrange a redelivery?

We have addressed this problem in two ways..

We have teamed up with the leading producer of live reptile foods in the UK, when you place your order with LetterBox Livefoods via the magic of technology your order will be placed into their packing rooms , the live insects will be packed fresh from their breeding colonies on the day of despatch and posted via First class post straight to your doormat.

This gives you access to all livefoods available and will be delivered to you as fresh as can possibly be. 

To make the delivery as smooth as possible we use a special letterbox format of livefood tub and boxes that will fit through a standard letter box. Meaning you do not have to be in to accept delivery! Our Largest box size that holds four tubs of live insects measures only 24cm x 33cm x 3cm.