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Chicken live insect food pack

Chicken live insect food pack
Chicken live insect food pack
Chicken live insect food pack
Chicken live insect food pack
Chicken live insect food pack

Chicken live insect food pack


Chickens Love live insects - fact!

By Providing live insects into your pet chickens diet you are adding in a varied source of nutrition and the ability to forage naturally for bugs provides mental stimulation. Not everyone has the space to allow chickens to roam freely in leaf litter scratching for fresh bugs in the soil so if your hens live in a coop on a lawn then these insect packs are ideal to give them a mental and nutritional lift.

What he have done is selected the four best options for your chickens, designed to give you a taster of live insects available to feed your chickens. so whats included..

1 x Pack of 60g Meal Worms - High in protein, fast moving little wigglers, sprinkle some on your lawn and watch the chickens go mad scratching and pecking trying to catch them before they disappear.

1 x Pack of calci Worms - These are the larvae of the Black soldier fly, place them into dish and watch your chickens devour them. Calci Worms have 50 times more calcium content than meal worms and have equally good protein levels. Chickens require calcium to develop strong egg shells and what better way than providing a little calcium boost in the form of readily available calcium in live insects. 

1 x Pack of Wax Worms - soft bodied caterpillar larvae of the Wax Moth, high in fats and a delicacy treat for your chickens, given the size of a wax worm in comparison to a chicken you would have to feed a whole heap of wax worms to cause an issue, this pack provides just enough to give a hen a treat! 

1 x Pack small Earthworms - another great source of protein and good fun for the chickens to have a quick game of tug of war with. 

These Four packs are packed into one of our Letter Box Delivery packs for delivery straight to your door mat fresh from the insect farm and should provide enough live insect treats for 1 - 2 chickens for a week.  

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