Cold weather deliveries

If its below 10.c outside then there is something you need to know about your insect delivery.. It may arrive looking dead! But please do not panic because the insects have an incredible party trick of coming back to life. 

The cold weather has put the into a torpid state so to us they look dead but being insects with no way of creating their own body warmth like us they have simply shut down and stopped moving, so here's how to revive them. Simply remove the plastic tubs from the cardboard packaging, give the tub a gentle shake to spread the inactive insects about so air can flow around them and then place the tubs in warm room at room temperature no more than 20.c. Leave them like this for a few hours and the insects will slowly come around and be back to normal. This works 99.9% successfully for Crickets, Locusts, meal worms, waxworms, earthworms, calci worms and roaches. 

What not to do!

They are cold right, lets warm those little critters up... do not , and we must repeat do not apply heat to the insects. By this we mean warming them up with a hair drier, placing them on a heat mat, putting them inside the vivarium, putting them under a spotlight, putting them on a radiator, you get the idea we hope? just let them warm up naturally and they will be fine, try and rush it and you will cook them and you will have a stinking mess. 

How do we prepare our insects for the cold

Our Livefood tubs are slimmer than conventional insect tubs you will find in the pet shops so they can fit into small mailbox sized letter box delivery packs, there is less dead space in the box meaning they are better insulated in the cardboard outer box and because the packet is smaller it goes through the faster mail stream usually with the small packets so less sitting around in delivery offices and delivery vans. 

Follow this advice and we promise your crickets, locusts etc will be up and running soon after delivery. If the weather is going to be prolonged cold and you live in an area where delivery is sporadic you may want to consider ordering species of insect that prove to be exceptionally cold weather hardy such as mealworms.