Hedgehog having a drink

Hedgehogs are avid fans of meal worms, however it has been found that they will eat meal worms exclusively to the detriment of anything else offered. Meal worms on their own do not have sufficient calcium levels to maintain a happy and healthy hedgehog. Problems such as boor bone growth or low bone density can be caused by lack of calcium in the diet and lead to a life endangering complication called "Metabolic Bone disease" so as an alternative to feeding meal worms or if you have a garden hedgehog that is open to the suggestion of eating something else other than meal worms try offering calci worms instead of meal worms or alongside meal worms and wean them off of the mealworms.   

Calci Worms are the larvae stage or grub of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) and roughly 50 times richer in calcium than meal worms so therefore make an ideal live food to offer to wild (and pet) hedgehogs. Nutritionally they have around 17% protein and a positive calcium to phosphorus ratio making them an ideal live food treat for wild hedgehogs.   

Calci worms for hedgehogs photo of calci worms