Thanks to the revolutionary new livefood tubs, we use we are able to get your order posted to you in a mail pack that will fit through most standard letterboxes. Our parcels measure just L335mm W240mm H25mm. This means no more waiting around for the postman or having to collect from the post office after getting a dreaded "red card" from the postman. The tubs are better for the insects as they have less space to rattle around in meaning they arrive in the best condition possible, less dead space in the box also means better insulation for the insects during colder weather. All of our livefoods are packed fresh on the day that you order, first placed into the fully recyclable plastic tubs with cardboard to keep them secure and then in the sturdy cardboard outer letter box pack. We can fit up to four selections of livefood in each pack. 95% of orders will experience Live reptile food with next day delivery , but your order may take up to four working days to arrive.

Here's a revised version:

Ordering live reptile foods has never been simpler thanks to our revolutionary new livefood tubs. Our mail packs can fit through most standard letterboxes, meaning you no longer have to wait around for the postman or make trips to the post office to collect your order. Our packs measure just L335mm W240mm H25mm, making them compact and convenient.

Our livefood tubs are designed to keep your insects secure and reduce dead space, resulting in better insulation during colder weather and arriving in the best possible condition. Our livefoods are packed fresh on the day you order, and we only use fully recyclable plastic tubs and cardboard to keep your order secure.

Each pack can fit up to four selections of livefood, ensuring you have everything you need for your pets. Although 95% of our orders experience next day delivery, your order may take up to four working days to arrive. Regardless of when your order arrives, we guarantee that your live reptile foods will be fresh and of the highest quality. Say goodbye to waiting and collecting orders, and order your live reptile foods today!