Wild bird sitting on a branch eating a mealworm

Live foods make a great addition to your wildlife feeding regime, wild birds for example will take live meal worms with relish and are much preferred over the dried imported meal worms that are usually offered. 

Many people wonder when to feed the garden birds with live meal worms, typically choosing to feed them in the spring when the birds are in search of the extra protein required for the breeding season. However once your garden friends have become used to finding that extra source of protein in the live meal worms you have been providing it is wise to continue offering them all year round. 

As our country side and natural habitats are cleared away for concrete or tidy looking gardens the birds lose those all important areas of insect habitat that would have normally provided their feeding grounds, therefore its even more important now to offer the wild birds in your garden an extra source of fresh live insects. 

Mealworms are the best used and most well known live insect for wild birds but we also sell waxworms which are a soft bodied caterpillar perfect for feeding during the breeding season, calci worms - a small grub packed full of proteins and calcium ideal for young hatchlings. And we also stock earthworms, we don't need to say how much birds like earthworms. 

Hedgehog drinking water