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Morioworms (Zophobos morio) (40-50mm)

Morioworms (Zophobos morio) (40-50mm)


Morio worms, super worms, super morios and even Super Marios! they get called all different names but its all the same thing - Zophobos Morio a giant species of beetle larvae similar to the mealworm. Do not confuse these with Giant mealworms as although they look the same, giant mealworms are hormone fed regular mealworms that are prevented from pupating by eating hormones. These larvae of the Zophobos Moria are genuine Morio worms and unlike the mealworm have a much readier digested exo skeleton. Where as mealworms have quite a tough chitin (part of the exoskeleton) in the morios it is softer and therefore easier for reptiles to digest. By using Morios as part of a staple diet in your reptiles feeding regime you are offering variety, interest and good nutrition. 

Morios are virtually indestructible and will tolerate being stored too dry and too humid, but like most critters too extreme and they will die. Best way of storing these is in a tub of bran or dry feeding diet with some slices of raw carrot for them to nibble on. if they become too dry they will desicate and die, too moist and there will be problems with moulds and fungus that will kill the worms. so keep them at room temp in a dry edible substrate and add moisture via raw carrot slices and they will last for a long long time. Occasionaly one may escape being eaten in the vivarium and dissapear, burying itself under a rock where it may pupate into a beetle, the beetles are about an inch long and a blackish blue colour, rarely do your pets find these beetles appetising though. 

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