What kind of food does a leopard gecko eat?

Leopard geckos are insectivorous, this means they eat only insects, sometimes a gravid (pregnant) gecko may take the ocassional pinkie mouse  but on the whole they are insect eaters.

Traditionally the staple diet of Leopard geckos were Mealworms, you are able to leave a small escape proof dish of mealworms in the enclosure and the Leopard gecko will help itself to the meal worms. With more diverse ranges of livefoods being produced today it is possible to feed your leopard gecko on appropriately sized crickets, locusts, roaches, calci worms and waxworms.

Waxworms are quite fattening so are used as a treat, they are great for getting your pet gecko hand tame, offer a waxworm to your gecko between your fingers and it wont be long before hes coming over to you to take the worm. 

Other livefoods should be an appropriate size, the rule of thumb is to feed only insects that are a similar length to the gap between your geckos eyes. Livefoods should always be dusted with a calcium or vitamin supplement to the manufacturers specifications. 

Be carefull when feeding crickets to geckos, only feed a small amount at a time and try to remove any uneaten ones as some crickets, particularly black crickets have been known to nibble on the leopard geckos soft skin and cause wounds.