In our worm category you will find all of the different species of worms and insect larvae we have for your pet reptiles, birds and wildlife.

Meal worms are the most popular choice of live insect to feed to Birds and Wildlife however to ensure you are providing a varied diet and a good range of nutrition it is important to mix things up occasionally. For example hedgehogs love meal worms but are not the best thing to feed them, you can read more about in our guide Livefoods for hedgehogs 

Mealworms - These are the larvae of a Darkling Beetle (Tenebrio molitor) they have good all round levels of nutrition and protein but like most live foods are defficient in calcium meaning supplementation with a mineral supplement is required. They come in two size mini and regular, mini mealworms being suitable for smaller sized lizards and birds. 

Waxworms - The larvae of the Wax Moth (Galleria Mellonella) They are a soft bodied caterpillar with quite a high fat ratio so are good for using as treats in a reptiles diet or for putting weight on sick or convalescing animals.  

CalciWorms - The only livefood that is rich in calcium naturally, they are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) great for feeding to birds, lizards, Amphibians and hedgehogs. However despite their high levels of calcium, all of that calcium may not be available to digest, see our guide Calci worms and Calcium Availability 

MorioWorms - Similar to mealworms they are also the larvae of a beetle, the Zophobas Morio is a large dark beetle the larvae of which (Morio worms) grow to around and inch long. This Larger size makes them suitable for larger species of lizards such as bearded dragons, monitor lizards etc. They also have a relatively softer outerskin than mealworms making them more digestible.

Pachnoda Grub - Fruit beetle larva, if allowed to these grubs will form a cocoon of spit and dirt, emerging later as yellow and Black fruit beetles. They are a large grub of about 2 inches in length. Packed full of protein they are a great treat for large lizards. 

Earth Worms - Great for amphibians and wild birds, high in moisture and protein. 


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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products